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Let us say welcome to the Naprann affiliate marketing programs. We help content creators and publishers monetize their traffic.

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Earn up to 20% in commissions from qualifying purchases generated through your links.

Why the Naprann Affiliate Program?

Commission Rate
Cookie Duration
The Naprann Affiliate Program
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Commission Rate
Up to 20%
Cookie Duration
30 days
Some Other Affiliate Programs
Commission Rate
Up to 10%
Cookie Duration
A few days (for most of them)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Naprann?

Naprann is an online shop with other specialized sections. Our customers get access to some unique products.

How does the Naprann Affiliate Program work?

Naprann Affiliates earn a percentage of revenue (commissions) on qualifying sales that result from featuring or sharing links to Naprann products with their audience.

What is the commission rate?

These Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule (“Schedule”) is part of the Operating Agreement that governs your participation in the Associate’s Program. This Schedule describes the advertising fee rates you may earn as a participant in the Program. It also describes the limitations that apply to earning advertising fees on certain Products.

From time to time, we may modify this Schedule in accordance with the Operating Agreement.

During each calendar month, you may earn advertising fees for Qualifying Purchases. Most advertising fees are calculated as a percentage of Qualifying Revenues based on the tables below and are subject to the limitations described in the “Limitations on Advertising Fee Rates for Certain Products” section below. We also may offer advertising fees in the form of bounties or other special offers, as described in the “Special Offers and Promotions” section below. “Qualifying Revenues” mean amounts we receive from customers’ Qualifying Purchases, excluding shipping, handling, and gift-wrapping fees, taxes, and service charges, and less any rebates, credit card processing fees, returns, and bad debt.

A standard commission of up to 20% is given on products. In the event of an exception, you will be duly informed. No special offers are running at the moment. We may notify you about these exclusions, rate changes, special offers, or promotions by updating this page or through emails, blog posts, or other means.

Who is eligible for the Naprann Affiliate Program?

You may be qualified if you are: an influencer with an established social media following, a blogger, or another type of content creator and/or publisher with an engaged audience.

How do I sign up for the program and what will happen after I apply?

You can apply here. Once we receive your application, we will review and approve it if you meet the qualifying criteria.

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